When Art meets Bicycle

One Sunday morning Rino Boschetti went to an exposition by famous naif artist Brenno Benatti in Bologna. The paintings he saw really fascinated Boschetti and he spent quite some time admiring Benattis work.

When he was about to leave an idea came to him. What if such a painting would be on one of his bikes? Like all great framebuilders, Boschetti in his inventious mind was always on the search for something truly unique and special, he envisioned how one of his bikes would literally become a piece of art.

So he decided to stay and wait until the end of the exposition. He told Benatti about his idea and it didn’t take long for Benatti to embrace the project.

The base was a top of the range Boschetti bike equipped with high end Campagnolo components. Benatti worked for 6 weeks on the bike in his studio. He created a total of 13 paintings which would represent rural Italy and the typical activities that take place on Italian farms throughout the year. The paintings are so detailed that even the shadows of the trees can be spotted.


As you can imagine Boschetti was mesmerized by Benatti’s creation. Ever since he keeps the bike in his private office. It stands as one of his most treasured and proud memories in his long frame building career.

When he was asked by Museo del Ghisallo if he would like to expose the bike in their legendary museum, he kindly refused. However a documentary about the bike was produced which could then be seen in Museo del Ghisallo instead.

After so many years Boschetti has finally decided to part with the bike and give it up for sale. The bike can be seen in Boschetti’s office in Marano sul Panaro. Asking price is 25.000€ and the lucky buyer will receive the original copy of the documentary as well.

Please find further details and photos of the bike under this link: https://mastroclassics.com/products/b-benattis-four-seasons-on-boschetti-bike

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Translation of the informative card:

Brenno Benatti
Studio and home, via Longarini 22 - Guastalla (RE) - Tel +39(0)522825266
Awarded the Gold Medal of the President of the Republic 1985.
Master of Art B. Benatti is certainly the most renowned among living Naifs painters,
This is proven by the numerous awards he has received throughout Italy and also abroad in his 25-year professional career.
In addition to state TV (RAI), numerous media houses have also taken an interest in him.

Onomastic-Zodiac portrait of the artist
Brenno Benatti was born in 1948 in Guastalla (Reggio Emilia) where he lives and works. Zodiac sign Cancer.

The name Benatti in its first derivation from Beni with the variant of Bene is a surname that has its origin from the greeting and congratulatory name. Bene with its alteratives and derivatives were already common in the 10th and 11th centuries. Benatti which, it is well understood, gives: born well (dictionary of Italian surnames - Oscar studio Mondadori). Brenno is originally descended from the Celtic word that has the meaning of a royal title. Several Gallic chiefs had this name. The bearer of this name is rather introverted.
He moves in the sphere of deep emotions, never violent, he is very sensitive.
Imagination is a virtue of his, through his works he will tell you extraordinary things, making you participate in visions of his inner world that are always strange and full of fascination. Different from others, little interested in current affairs, he is intelligent and you will be able to discuss various topics with him. He is almost always deeply cultured and in everything he says you will feel a great charge of humanity.
He loves nature and order.

Brenno Benatti dedicated his free moments to sketching, to the first sketches, which gradually led him to 'nìve' painting out of a natural inclination rather than out of genuine pleasure. Thus arose the youngest of the Italian 'naifs' of his generation.
His caligraphy from the beginning has not changed; it has, so to speak, grown stronger, become adult, without ever losing an iota of that genuineness that is its root.
One of the most evident characteristics is that of describing Padania against the backdrops of clear blue skies or rosy dawn, or often of an almost hazy sunset.
His themes, although they are linked to an environmental reality, have diversified, inspired by certain flashes of literature, which he has been able to translate into memory and freshness with the choice of well-balanced colours.
We have a Florence or a Bologna portrayed in his own visual style where they take on a new dimension.
Interesting among his works are "Le Maschere" (The Masks) set with fantasy, ambiguity, reality, the room, watch factory, Bacchanali, Biblical scenes. Illustrations of Wagnerian works inserting mythologies into the Po Valley landscape from the Tetralogy, literary illustrations, the vanished trades, and those related to agro-zootechnics.
The so-called sculptures: paintings on ceramics are an appreciable exercise from a technical-executive point of view, as are all the graphics and watercolours. Benatti's poetics could be summed up: how many reinventions under a sunset sky!

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